Tree Trimming in Lake City

Four Definite Signs You Might Need Tree Trimming in Lake City

I don’t know about you, but to those of us working at Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services, we consider trees to be one of our greatest inspirations. That isn’t just because we work with them all day, but because there is something majestic about a plant that is constantly striving to grow while also putting down solid roots. That’s something any human being can aspire to if you think about it.

But to drift away from the philosophy for a moment, it’s that same quality of constant growth that can make a beloved tree near your Lake City home or business become an eyesore. Gnarled and overgrown roots can choke and crack sidewalks and driveways, and overgrown branches can threaten both your lawn’s and your loved ones’ health!

Unfortunately, signs you might need tree trimming or another tree care service aren’t always so obvious as a tree falling onto your car. Or is that fortunately? Either way, we’ve produced this handy guide to knowing when to call an arborist in Lake City. Check it out and call if you have any questions!

Sign: Your Lawn Becomes Patchy

The shade that tall trees provide is a blessing to anyone who’s ever sat under one on a hot summer’s day. But this same great quality can also mean your grass isn’t receiving the sunlight it needs to thrive! The real giveaway? If a shade-tolerant or cool-weather grass like Kentucky Bluegrass starts doing well when the rest of your lawn suffers. Maybe it’s time to cut those leafy branches down to size by hiring one of the area’s top tree trimming companies.

Sign: You Trip Over Your Yard’s Stump on a Regular Basis

Anyone who has faced the prospect of doing stump removal on their own without heavy machinery knows why you might put off this essential task. It’s a lot of work! But that stump isn’t just an eyesore, it’s also a tripping hazard.

Adults can handle a tumble now and again, but if you have very young or very old members of your family, hire someone for stump removal before it becomes a serious problem.

Sign: Your Driveway is Cracked by Tree Roots

Tree trimming doesn’t only apply to the parts of the tree you can see. Old trees might have extensive root systems that disrupt the landscape around them. This can even mean cracked concrete or brick in some cases! Call an arborist to figure out how to lessen the tree’s roots without killing it.

Sign: Your Home Looks Like a Haunted Mansion

Have you watched a horror movie lately? Some tropes never go away, and tall overgrown trees that block out the light with crooked branches goes all the way back to the beginnings of cinema. So you can’t expect your home to have good curb appeal if you don’t hire someone for regular tree care service.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little guide to when to call a tree trimming company in Lake City. Have any further questions? Give Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services a call today!