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When a tree is precariously near electrical wires, or overcrowding other – wanted – vegetation, most times a shovel isn’t enough to do the job. Alachua has been relying on Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services for exactly that. With over one hundred and fifty years of experience, our family run operation is unrivaled in the tree removal and trimming business.

Why would I need a tree trimmed or removed?

Dead tree limbs and those near to death are, primarily, falling hazards for both people and property and can be a major insurance risk. In order to avoid jeopardizing the safety your family, pets and property, Alachua residents contact their local tree removal specialists to solve the problem. Trees have very thick, powerful roots. If a tree is growing near other wanted vegetation, it can easily crowd out that plant and out-compete it for nutrients. Often times this will cause that desired vegetation to perish. At Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services, we are experts at removing and trimming trees without causing damage to the surrounding plants. Tree trimming can also be a preventative measure. We specialize in crown reduction, thinning and cleaning. This allows for your tree to grow in the direction you choose without potentially interfering with property. Having a tree tended to as soon as you notice potential problems can prevent having to pay an extensive amount for damages caused by dead wood and un-kept branches.

Removing and trimming trees carries with it an inherent risk of heights (not to mention splinters). At Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services, we have a time honored family tradition of successfully serving our community and we look to bring that same safety and efficiency to Alachua. Whether you need branches trimmed for cosmetic, insurance or safety purposes – we are the option for you. Don’t waste frustrating hours and risk a serious fall by trimming your own tree, contact the experts at Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services at (561) 718-8834.

We also offer emergency services 24 hours a day, so never feel hesitant to call!