Emergency Tree Removal in Lake City

When You Need Emergency Tree Removal in Lake City, Call This Number Right Away

An old and creaking oak isn’t just an eyesore. It’s a significant threat to life and limb. Lightning strikes, disease, or severe weather can seriously disrupt the vitality of the trees on your Lake City property. While many things can weaken or kill a tree—especially over a long period of time—it only takes a moment for a dead or dying tree to crack, sever itself from its trunk, and crash into the ground. To protect your home, car, and pets from falling trees, keep an emergency tree service company’s phone number on hand, so you’re never caught off guard.

24-Hour Tree Removal Services

A dead tree, as we said, is more than an unsightly growth on your property. Other than it being a threat to your property, it can be a threat to your entire community. How’s that, you ask? Consider the power lines that run above the edges of people’s lawns. Sometimes there’s no telling which way a tree is going to fall. The tree—or one of its many branches—could fall into a power or utility line. This disaster would result in a potentially massive power outage in your community. Elderly neighbors who rely on electric medical devices and other services for comfort would be at a loss. They might be without heat, air conditioning, or hot water. A damaged power line invites the risk of fire and electrocution into an already disastrous situation.

When these catastrophic events occur we hope you remember to give Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services a call. We’re Lake City’s most-trusted and reliable tree removal experts. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you call us, we’ll be on site as fast as possible.

How to Spot a Damaged Tree

Unless you’re going to cut down perfectly healthy trees from your property, sometimes these freak accidents cannot be avoided or predicted. Some storms are so strong they’ll ravage even the healthiest trees.

If you do happen to have an unhealthy tree on your property, there are ways to identify it. When you do suspect that your trees or their limbs need the services of an experienced tree surgeon, you can call us immediately.

Here are a few keep warning signs to look out for. If you happen to notice these, don’t hesitate to call Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services. We’ll determine whether the tree should be removed from your property completely, or if select limbs need to be removed. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to tree care. We believe in finding the solution for you and your trees.

There are several ways to determine that a tree or a limb is at risk of falling. While we know that most people lack the expertise of professional arborists, these are all very easy signs to watch out for.

Is the tree leaning? While it is normal for some trees to lean naturally, if it appears to be leaning more severely than normal, you should call us right away. It could be a sign that the tree has died.

Check the base of the tree. The tree’s roots should be able to tell you a thing or two about the health of the tree. If it seems like the roots at the base of the tree are decaying, call us. The tree has likely begun to lose lots of it structural integrity and is at risk of falling.

Inspect the trunk of the tree. Are those common cavities, cracks, and crevices looking more severe than usual? Is bark falling from the tree? If you’re concerned about the safety of your family and property, give Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services a call.

Emergency Tree Service and Insurance

Many homeowners naturally wonder if emergency tree service is covered by insurance. If you have homeowners’ insurance, it’s crucial that you read your policy thoroughly to see if you have adequate coverage. Most insurance policies will cover falling tree removal to a certain extent. However, if your insurance company discovers the fallen tree was preventable—because it was obviously in bad shape and listing towards your house—you’ll be on the hook for damages and removal. That’s one of the many reasons it’s essential you act fast when you notice a tree on your property is not doing well.

Don’t delay—it could cost you thousands of dollars! Call Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services today for emergency tree removal!

The Risk of Falling Trees

A falling tree is nothing to joke about. Hundreds of pounds of solid wood hurtling down to earth at the speed of gravity can cause severe damage to any home or business. Your property and materials won’t stand a chance against this force of nature.

Calling a professional arborist near you is the safest and most reliable way to remove dead or dying trees and ensure that the danger of falling trees is out of your life—for good! You, your home, and your business can’t afford the alternative.

Why Choose a Professional Arborist Near Me for Emergency Tree Removal?

When the old elm in your backyard looks past its prime—maybe you notice it hasn’t put up any new growth in the last couple of seasons, or it seems to be rotting in the trunk—you could rent a chainsaw yourself to remove the tree. The problem is that this method isn’t safe for amateurs. Without the proper equipment, you can’t control the direction that the tree falls.

An arborist, however, is trained to quickly and safely scale a tree and begin sawing off the biggest and thickest branches. This prevents any from falling when the trunk of the tree is felled and reduces the risk of taking down power lines or causing collateral damage to your property or your vehicle.

Getting up on a ladder or climbing a tree yourself is not advised. Call Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services instead. For all your emergency tree removal needs in Lake City, we’re the top choice for home and business owners everywhere. Call us today!