Tree Removal in Lake City

Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services provides safe, affordable, and reliable tree removal services in Lake City and the surrounding area. With years of experience in the industry, we’ve developed a reputation as the leading local arborists. We’ve honed our craft so that we eliminate potential treefall hazards, keep you and your property safe, and improve the overall condition of your land.

We provide tree removal for both commercial and residential clients. No matter the size of the job, we’re here to help.

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Free Assessments, Personalized Tree Removal Services

At Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services, we are dedicated to providing safe, honest, and professional tree removal. And we strive to demonstrate that commitment during our in-depth assessment process.

After you contact us, we’ll come to your location to provide a comprehensive inspection. We’ll identify any underlying issues that may be affecting the health of your trees, and we’ll listen to what you want out of our services.

We pride ourselves on offering a personalized service to meet the precise needs of our customers. If necessary, we’ll work with you to develop risk-management solutions that protect your trees from harm and disease. That way, you can rest easy knowing that you and your property are safe and secure.

Safe, Efficient, and Affordable—Tree Removal Done Right

We’re the tree removal experts. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and time-tested techniques to remove your tree as safely as possible. Additionally, we ensure that all our arborists are fully trained on the latest advances of our industry. We are committed to continual self-improvement, and we consider ourselves leaders in the field of tree removal.

We specialize in dangerous tree removal. If you have a hazardous tree in need of removal, we are at the ready to clear it promptly and safely. Contact us today.

Emergency Tree Removal Available

We are available for emergency tree removals. If you have an emergency situation, call us now at (386) 688-1578.

Eco-Friendly Tree Removal

As a proud local company, we are dedicated to sustainable solutions for all your tree-related needs. Whenever possible, we strive to salvage a tree rather than remove it. When extraction is required, we ensure that all waste is recycled and that we minimize our impact on the environment.

A Full-Service Tree Removal Company

We’re not clear-cutters—we’re master arborists. We’ll not only remove your tree, but also offer a range of additional services to improve the condition of your land and prevent the need for future removals. That’s just what separates us from the competition.

Try Our Tree Care Services!

Our maintenance services are designed to revitalize your trees and your soil. We can work with you to develop a custom care and maintenance program that eliminates tree rot and makes your plants more resilient. We also offer risk-management strategies that protect your trees from disease and storm damage. With us, you know that your trees will stay healthy for generations to come.

Protect your trees and beautify your landscape. Contact us today to find out more about our tree care services.

Why Hire a Tree Remover?

Whether a tree is damaged, diseased or does not fit into your vision for your yard, we provide expert tree removal services to meet your needs. At Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services we are aware of the various removal techniques and have the needed equipment to ensure that the job is completed correctly and in the shortest timeframe possible. Not only do we help to preserve the look of your yard, but we also make sure that the tree is removed properly to avoid any further issues with your yard.

A dying or decayed tree can not only reduce the value of your property in the Lake City region, but also pose a significant health risk. Creative Vision Tree and Landscape provides qualified assessments of the trees on your commercial or residential property that includes professional tree removal services when a tree cannot be saved.

Often times, when a home or business owners takes on the task of removing a tree by themselves they are left with a crater sized hole in their yard. At Creative Visions Tree & Landscape Service, we have arborists with decades of experience who are able to provide our customers with the best possible tree services. Any holes they create are filled in with our well maintained bobcat machines and any interfering branches or vegetation will be removed with the least hassle possible.

Should I Have My Tree Removed or Trimmed?

Are there overhanging dead branches or a dead trunk that is near an expensive piece of property? These hazards are rarely considered by owners but they present a very real risk to families, friends, houses, and nearby machinery. The specialists at Creative Visions Tree & Landscape Service can safely remove trees posing a risk in any way.

Tree maintenance is a vital step in the care of any property and it is ignored not only by owners, but even by tree service companies! Our extensive knowledge of trees and our experience in the tree removal and trimming industry allows us to ensure a tree grows in the desired direction and that its branches never interfere with houses, power lines and other equipment.

Do you have a garden or field that is being damaged because of aggressive tree roots? Some trees have very fast growing, ambitious root systems and they will slowly strange competing vegetation. Removing roots without the proper equipment can leave lingering yard damage and often results in frustration when you see that there are still extensive root formations beneath the surface.

Our environmentally friendly approach to removing and trimming trees has made us a community favorite ever since our conception. Creative Visions Tree & Landscape Service strives to bring that same trustworthy, family approach to the Lake City area. Don't stress out about a troublesome tree, call us and let our experts solve your problem for you.

Reasons for Tree Removal Include:

  • Severe trunk damage and/or large dead branches
  • Unsafe proximity to surrounding structures or utility power lines
  • Tree roots pose a threat to foundations, driveways and underground utilities
  • Trees are severely damaged following a storm or other extreme weather conditions
  • Trees that that require a high level of safety maintenance and drops seeds, branches and other growth
  • Trees that block or obscure light or inhibit natural growth in adjacent territory
  • Major insect infestations that will eventually kill a tree and pose a health hazard
  • A Tree that is leaning dangerously
  • Trees that require removal due to building expansions

The safety of your property is our top priority when we take down a tree. Stumps are cut flush to the ground or completely removed and all wood is cut into measured logs for storage or disposal according to your specifications. Our qualified tree removal technicians are familiar with existing or potential damage from pests, decay or breakage on your property and available to determine the most practical and cost effective method for optimal tree removal in Lake City. It is this level of dedication that has made us the top tree removal company for homeowners and businesses in our area.

When is Tree Removal Necessary?


Deciding whether to completely remove a tree on your Lake City property is a decision best made with the assistance and expertise of a certified arborist. Creative Vision Tree and Landscape has extensive experience with a range of environmental conditions in Lake City and its surrounding region and provides invaluable assistance when designing or making changes to your landscape.

Tree removal is a significant and time consuming task and not recommended as a do-it-yourself project. Only a qualified arborist is able to fully guarantee safe and efficient tree and stump removal using the proper equipment specifically designed for the job. Creative Vision Tree and Landscape Service technicians also ensure that your property is left neat, tidy and intact.

Regular maintenance of the trees on your property ensures the safety and beauty of your landscape. We also provide cabling and bracing services to prevent damage and protect trees from storm damage and to extend their life span.

If you have any questions in regards to the condition of a tree on your property, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are always available to provide you with additional information, and help you determine the best plan of action.

Why Professional Tree Removal is Necessary

If you consider yourself a handy, outdoorsy type, then you might be tempted to remove the problem tree on your property yourself. And while we congratulate you for your ambition, we must warn you that attempting to remove a tree yourself isn’t just a bad idea—it’s downright irresponsible. Tree removal should never be conducted by anyone but a professional tree removal specialist like the ones employed by Creative Vision Tree & Landscape.

There are a number of reasons why your tree removal should only ever be handled by professionals. The first being that you probably don’t have all the necessary equipment to conduct an effective tree removal. Furthermore, you need to know how all the equipment works so that the removal can be conducted safely.

Speaking of safety, a professional has received extensive training to make sure that they always conduct themselves and their work in the safest possible way. Even with an intimate knowledge of the industry’s best safety practices, accidents happen. Luckily, they don’t happen often because Creative Vision Tree & Landscape always err on the side of caution. We have all the necessary insurances and bonds to make sure that our staff and our customers are protected in the event that something does go wrong. If you attempt to remove a tree yourself, what is your contingency plan if the tree comes down on your home, a neighbor’s property, a passing vehicle or something else?

Rather than risk incurring the expensive cost of paying for potential damages, let Creative Vision Tree & Landscape’s technical knowledge, professional experience and insured employees eliminate any potential risks.

What to Do After a Tree Removal

Once a problematic tree is removed from your home or business’s landscape, what comes next? With Creative Vision Tree & Landscape, we can take measures to enhance your landscape once the tree has been removed. Thanks to our landscaping expertise, we can easily help you figure out how to repurpose the space of land once occupied by the dead or diseased tree and transform it from an eyesore to the new centerpiece of your yard.

After we have removed the stump, we can add soil to cover the hole and seed the area if you want to make the lawn consistent throughout your property. Or maybe you would like add some shrubs or a flower bed. Whatever you have in mind for your landscape, with the problem tree gone, this is the perfect opportunity to get to work on incorporating new landscape elements to raise your Lake City property’s curb appeal even higher.

To discuss some post-tree removal landscape design options, please call (386) 688-1578 and talk to one of our incredible landscaping professionals today. Whether we are removing a tree from your property or redoing its landscape, you can always expect impeccable service from Creative Vision Tree & Landscape. We look forward to taking your call and figuring out what we can do for your property.

Achieve Your Goal

When considering a professional landscaper to contract for your tree removal services, there are a few things you should look for:
  • expertise and a good reputation
  • years of experience
  • proper equipment
  • reasonable price

Along with those characteristics, there are a few others that you should consider, one of the most important being client focus. Your yard is a reflection of you and something that you will need to be able to maintain even after the services are rendered. Therefore, it is important that the provider have a full understanding of your vision for your landscape, and that they be committed to sticking to the plan that you have laid out. At Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services we work with you to develop the best possible plan and get right to work executing that plan. In the end, our objective is to make sure that your goal is achieved.

A Professional Touch

We pride ourselves on providing excellent landscaping services in and around the area. What sets us apart is our commitment to client service. We understand that your landscape is the foundation for your home, and as such you should have a yard that you can be proud of. We channel our passion for landscaping and extensive knowledge to help bring your vision to fruition.

Many times clients are left dissatisfied with the work of some landscapers due to issues that could have been evaded with proper communication. We realize this and seek to avoid such occurrences. That is why we consult with clients before the project to make sure that we are on the same page, as well as throughout the process. This way, if the client has any issues or concerns they may be addressed immediately to avoid problems in the future. Our expert services matched with our commitment to excellence helps us to stand out amongst the competition as professionals you can trust. This is proven by our list of satisfied clients.

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There are several different options for tree removal services in the area; you can even complete the job yourself. However, there are benefits to seeking out and securing professional services for your landscaping project. We do not just remove the tree. We ensure that the tree is removed in the healthiest way possible to protect your lawn and to assist in making your vision a reality.

If you desire to work with a group of experts who are committed to helping you reach your goal for your lawn, we are an excellent choice. To receive an estimate and to see our commit to our clients first hand, contact us today.