Tree Trimming and Removal in Live Oak FL

Trees bear fruit and provide shade and beauty to any property. They can, however, also be a nuisance to those same properties. Trees that have not been properly maintained can cause significant damage by falling or entangling their branches in nearby structures. At Creative Visions Tree & Landscape Services our arborists have decades of experience in eliminating any hazards caused by trees and vegetation of any sort.

Why Would I Have a Tree Removed or Trimmed?

  • Home and business owners underestimate the benefits of preventative maintenance regarding trees. The knowledgeable technicians at Creative Visions can guide a trees growth in a direction that will guarantee that it never interferes with anything important. They can also trim for aesthetic purposes and to encourage branch growth in specific areas.
  • Garden and crop vegetation both need ample room for their own roots to grow. Tree roots, especially those with fast growing roots can phase out other vegetation for their own gain. This can be a nuisance for farmers and gardeners alike. Removing those roots is even more of a hassle than growing things around them, calling professionals like us guarantees the cleanest, quickest removal.
  • Trees that are dead or dying are dangerous for anyone and anything in its fall radius. Removing these trees and their branches is the only way to completely guarantee your safety. Attempting to cut branches or trunks without the proper equipment can result in a fall or worse.

Creative Visions Tree & Landscape Service has over one hundred and fifty years of experience. With our extensive tree and vegetation knowledge we are able to provide Live Oak with the most informative, environmentally friendly tree service possible. Don’t take a chance with an amateur, or try it yourself, call Live Oak’s real professionals at Creative Visions Tree & Landscape Service today at (561) 718 0 8834.