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O'Brien Tree Removal Services

Trees are beautiful accents to any property. However, sometimes they must be removed.

Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services has over 60 years of combined experience removing trees from O'Brien homes. Though we will always apply our expertise as arborists to figure out a way to salvage the tree, there are times when we must take the necessary measures to protect your property and its landscape.

If you think a tree on your property needs removing, don’t hesitate to call (386) 688-1578 to schedule a free and thorough evaluation with one of Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services’ top-rated O'Brien arborists. See firsthand why our excellent work was selected for the Best of HomeAdvisor 2017.

When Should I Get a Tree Removed?

There are typically three main reasons why O'Brien homeowners use our services to remove trees from their property, including if your tree is:

1. Dead or dying.

Any dead or dying tree should be removed from your property because it can pose a risk to your property and the people who use it regularly. Once a tree is dead, it’s structural integrity is compromised. This means it is more likely to tip over or have the branches fall off in harsh weather. Dead trees also make attractive habitats for pests like termites and mice, and if the dead tree is close to your home, it might not be long before they venture into your home.

2. Diseased.

If your tree has caught a disease, it’s very likely that the disease will spread to the other plants in your landscape. A dead or dying tree can have a negative impact on your property’s curb appeal, but an entire lawn or garden that’s wilted and dead can be devastating.

3. In a dangerous position.

Sometimes trees will be intertwined with power lines or uncomfortably close to your home’s windows. If that’s the case, we may have to remove it.

At Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services, we love trees. We always reserve tree removal as a last resort. However, sometimes it is absolutely necessary. When you bring us over for your complimentary assessment, we’ll work to find a way to keep your tree alive and well without letting it get in harm’s way.

When we do remove a tree from your property, you can rest assured knowing that the job is being done by experienced professionals who care about O'Brien’s environment. We only use eco-friendly materials and make sure to recycle any waste.

Tree Stump Removal

Certain tree removal services don’t bother removing the stump as well. While sometimes it can make a property seem more rustic, there are also certain risks homeowners run by leaving the stump behind.

Tree stumps are favored by bugs, particularly wood-boring bugs that can spread to your home. They can also be hazardous to anyone exploring your property. Plus, you’ll wish you had your tree stump removed if you ever accidentally graze it with your mower.

For the most trusted tree removal services O'Brien has to offer, call Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services today at (386) 688-1578.