Tree Removal in Alachua

The landscape of your home can affect how it is viewed by others, as well as by yourself. A properly manicured yard is attractive and inviting. At Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services we offer tree removal services you can trust. These and other services can help to ensure that your lawn becomes the beautiful sight to behold that you desire. Our passion for nature drives our efforts in taking care of the homes and trees in Lake City and the surrounding area. We have built our business on the development of strong customer relationships by providing excellent, expert services. Trees can interfere with even the smallest projects and dealing with the offending branches is tedious, difficult work. At Creative Visions Tree & Landscape Service, we bring the Alachua area more than one hundred and fifty years of experience in tree removal and trimming best practice. Our company focuses on preserving the areas around the trees we are removing as well as the long term health of the trees that we trim. Whether the tree is crowding other vegetation, encroaching electrical equipment or in danger of falling, we have a time tested, environmentally friendly method of solving your problem.

Why Bother Removing a Tree?

  • Tree roots are greedy. They will push other, smaller vegetation out of the way, often depriving that smaller plant of the nutrients necessary for survival. The tree removal and trimming technicians at Creative Visions Tree & Landscape Service have extensive knowledge on how to remedy overcrowding while preserving the surrounding plant life.
  • When tree trunks and branches begin to die they can quickly become falling hazards that endanger your family, your pets and you. Removing these hazards is potentially dangerous and always time consuming. Our experts can eliminate any danger without effecting surrounding people and properties.
  • Many tree removal companies are able to cleanly remove or trim a tree but what Creative Visions Tree & Landscape Service brings to the table that others in Alachua do not - is the knowledge of preventative trimming. We have such an extensive knowledge of trees that we are able to diagnose future problems and prevent them from ever happening in the first place. From growth direction, to crown thinning, we are able to perform multiple types of tree maintenance.

Why Bother Removing a Stump?

• Stumps are hazardous. If you have young kids running around your yard at all hours of the day, it’s very likely that they will eventually trip and hurt themselves. Worse, if a neighbor trips and hurts themselves, you might have a lawsuit on your hands. Tree stumps can also damage landscaping equipment, like lawnmowers, if you’re not careful.

• Stumps can cause new tree growth. Leaving a stump behind can contribute to new sprouts, which can result in many small trees growing around the stump. These small trees can take nutrients from other plants around your garden and can also lower the esthetic value of your landscape. Removing the sprouts can also be costly.

• Stumps attract pests. When you leave a stump on your lawn, it can take ages before it rots away completely. Decaying stumps can attract beetles, termites, ants and oth-er wood-boring pests that pose a threat to your garden. If left unattended for long enough, it’s very likely that these pests will spread to your home.

• Stumps take up yard space. If you don’t have a big yard, why let a dead stump and its decaying roots take up valuable space? When you remove a stump, you can make space for a new garden or play set for your kids.

Removing a stump is a complicated procedure and renting the proper equipment can be costly. Leave it to the professionals at Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services. We have the equipment and the experience to get rid of your hazardous stump and replace it with something beautiful at an affordable price.

Benefits of Utilizing an Expert

Some individuals may wonder what the true advantages are to hiring someone else to complete this task. With the right equipment it is possible to remove trees from the yard yourself. However, there are several key benefits to utilizing a quality landscaping company for your tree removal needs.
  • • you do not risk your own safety
  • • a knowledgeable and experienced individuals can complete the job quickly and efficiently
  • • avoid accidentally causing greater damage to your yard with improper removal
  • • all fees associated with the task (equipment, hauling, etc.) are included in one reasonable price
These are just a few of the many benefits of utilizing a professional company to achieve your project. There are additional perks and advantages that you can experience when utilizing the services. Overall, you receive expert help with maintaining your yard, keeping it both healthy and beautiful. Also, with the fees being bundled and proper lawn maintenance services being administered, you stand to save money in the long-run.

The Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services Difference

There are many options for tree removal services in the Lake City area, however not every company provides the same amount of service. When considering a provider there are certain things that you should look for:
  • • reputation for quality service
  • • insured and bonded
  • • safety procedures and preventative measures in place
  • • competitive pricing
  • • client satisfaction guaranteed
At Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services we strive to excel in all those areas. We especially pride ourselves in providing superior client service and ensuring customer satisfaction. As a local provider we are passionate about maintaining the beautiful landscape of the area and making sure that our clients enjoy the scenic views of their homes. We guarantee that you will receive exceptional service from your first point of contact until the last detail is put into place on your project.

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Creative Visions Tree & Landscape Service has been in business for generations. We strive to bring the same knowledge and commitment to Alachua that we have to other cities. Don't risk taking a fall or losing out on a hard day's work because of a problem tree. You are a unique individual and you deserve for your home to reflect your personality. The landscape around your house can greatly affect how your home is perceived. Make sure that your home is a proper reflection of you by contracting one of the top providers of tree removal and landscaping services in the Lake City area for your landscaping needs. Your lawn will not only look beautiful but it will also function properly with healthy growth of the trees and plants that are in and around it. Why wait? You can be on your way to the landscape of your dreams today. For more information or to set up a consultation, call us today or complete the contact form!