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O'Brien Tree Trimming Services

Proper tree trimming is the foundation of any quality arborist and landscaping business. Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services take great pride in the tree trimming services we offer to O'Brien home and business owners.

Pruning is crucial to sustaining a tree’s health, stimulating growth and maintaining its esthetic value. Although it may seem simple enough, pruning a tree is always best left to professional arborists. If you try to trim trees yourself, you could cause serious harm to the tree or yourself.

Our experienced and certified arborists have a wealth of knowledge that ensures your tree is trimmed correctly. We understand the tree’s biology, which allows us to recognize flaws in the plant while eliminating or minimizing its defects without hindering a tree’s growth or health.

If you think a tree on your property could use a cleanup, call (386) 688-1578 to arrange a complimentary assessment from Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services today.

The tree pruning services we specialize in include:

Crown Reductions

A tree’s canopy, also commonly referred to as a crown, can cause a lot of stress if it is overgrown. Crown reduction is the process of shortening external branches around the whole crown. We do this by cutting end growth back to a side branch so that the tree’s crown is within the size requirements. By removing any dead wood and crossed branches, pathogens and diseases that may be affecting the tree are reduced and healthy re-growth can ensue.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the selective removal of inner branches throughout the tree’s crown to give it a uniform look. In doing this, you are allowing light to travel through the crown and air to circulate more effectively. Your tree’s overall health should improve once the crown’s weight is reduced.

Crown Cleaning

If parts of your tree are dead, dying or diseased, you will need a crown cleaning if you want your tree to survive. By removing all the dead and decaying wood in the tree’s canopy, you are doing more than just making sure your tree’s health is preserved. You are also dodging any potential liability lawsuits because dead and decaying wood is more likely to break off without warning, harming anyone unlucky enough to be below it.

Crown Raising

Large, low-hanging branches are fine in the wild or in public parks, but they can be undesirable in more urban areas because they can obstruct vision or interfere with other activities. By lifting your tree’s canopy, you are opening up the lower area to allow more light through, which will promote more healthy growth as time goes on.

Award-Winning O'Brien Tree Pruning Services

Creative Vision Tree & Landscaping Services is proud to announce that our company was selected for Best of HomeAdvisor 2017. We believe this award is a testament to our hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction.

If you would like to see O'Brien’s award-winning tree pruning services at work on your property, call (386) 688-1578 today to arrange a free assessment of your tree’s needs.