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Tree Trimming in Alachua

The trees on the property of your Alachua home or business do a great deal for you. They give you fresh air, provide shade, increase property value, and beautify the surroundings. As they give us so much, it is important to every once and a while ask “are they getting everything they need?” Proper tree care means that they need to have adequate amount of water, be pest and disease free and check to see if the soil it grows in is rich in nutrients.

One aspect that is commonly overlooked by tree owners is the need to perform the occasional tree trimming service. Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services is here to offer the people of Alachua FL a number of services to keep the trees you love healthy and happy. On this page, we will discuss the benefits of having your tree clipped.

Types of Tree Trimming

First, let us go into the different ways a tree can be “manicured” as it were.

Crown Trimming: this is a form of trimming that is only done when absolutely necessary as it can, and often will, harm the tree. It is done to remove branches that interfere with powerlines or has incurred significant damage after a storm. It is also used to stop dieback, where the tree starts to die from its extremities inwards (branch tips to trunk).

Hazard Trimming: this is done as a preventative measure on branches that are likely to break from strong winds. It is also used to remove branches that are partially broken.

Standard and Fine Pruning: these techniques revolve around improving the overall look of the tree as well as improving the overall structure so that light reaches more leaves and making sure that individual limbs are not too heavy.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

When we come to your Alachua home or business, our service will help your tree by:

  • Removing dead or diseased branches: luckily disease often spreads through a tree relatively slowly, allowing a professional to prevent disease from leading to the demise of the tree.
  • Improve the look: a little pruning can go a long way in terms of making the tree look picture perfect.
  • Better health: by improving sun exposure to hidden branches and improving air circulation the tree will get more of the resources it needs to thrive, leading it to be healthier and more lush.
  • Better fruit: proper clipping will improve the size and quality of the crop. By removing unhealthy branches, there are more nutrients that can be divided to the healthy areas, making the growing process more efficient and yielding better results.
  • Happier people: by removing hazardous branches the property is made safer for its occupants. The removal branches also opens up the space for sunlight to pass through brightening an area and making it more attractive.
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