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Fort White Tree Trimming

Did you know that tree pruning enhances and restores your trees by eliminating dead or diseased branches that can adversely affect the health of your shrubbery, landscape and ultimately reduce property values? In addition to safeguarding the trees on your residential or commercial property, the experienced arborists at Creative Vision Tree and Landscape Services will help to ensure the safety of all property occupants by eliminating tree hazards brought about from deadwood, decay and uncontrolled growth.

Our expert workers know how to properly remove dead or damaged trees or branches without delay, especially when it comes to emergency situations; whether it be due to heavy winds or other erratic weather. Our services include trimming branches that are in the way of electrical lines, restoring or eliminating sick trees, pruning overgrown shrubbery and more.

The Benefits of Tree Trimming

If you are someone who takes great pride in the appearance of their yard, then tree trimming will most definitely help to achieve that stylish, clean and desired look you’ve been searching for. More often than not, tree branches will become tangled and overgrown, especially if the property has been neglected in the past. Did you know that a lack of proper tree maintenance affects the health of your surrounding trees, shrubbery and vegetation? All it takes is one fungus infested branch, for the ailment to spread rapidly to the rest of your property.

Some of the benefits you can expect to gain from our professional tree trimming services include:

  • Increase in property value, because of the improved appearance and healthy foliage.
  • Restores plant health, due to removal of damaged tree parts, allowing buds and greenery to flourish.
  • Eliminates the spread of fungus and disease, thus saving surrounding trees
  • Increased safety, by removing branches that are near electrical lines or too close to your roof. This can lower insurance rates as well.
  • Allows more sunlight to get through the tree, nourishing hidden branches and surrounding plant life.

Consult With a Professional Arborist

Regular tree trimming is essential to increase the value, beauty and lifespan of the trees on your Fort White property. Before even considering tree removal, enlist the help of an experienced landscape service. Creative Vision experts remove only what is required and offer customized services following a thorough landscape inspection. Standard tree trimming services include:

Crown Cleaning – Removal of dead or dying and crossover branches

Crown Thinning – To promote improved airflow through branches and allow for more sunlight penetration to the tree and your property.

Crown Raising – Safe and careful reduction of a tree’s height to avoid potential hazards incurred from utility wires.

Tree trimming and pruning may seem straightforward in theory, but it actually requires the experience and knowledge of a landscaping professional to avoid potentially serious problems from arising. Attempting to trim a tree yourself without adequate tools or techniques, may not only cause unsightly results and permanent damage, but could also put you or a loved one at risk. Creative Vision Landscaping offers honest and informed tree trimming consultations that protect the wellbeing of your entire property.

Our Methods

Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services is made up of a professional team of landscaping experts who can identify any class of tree or shrub. Thanks to our knowledge regarding the Fort White climate, you’ll also be getting in-depth answers to all concerns and inquiries related to your lawn. Our methods consist of safe, hazard free practices that encourage tree growth and disease prevention.

In terms of equipment, we use the best technology available on the market. Our crew is incredibly dedicated, and take great pride in providing our community with efficient and effective services.

Tree Trimming Hazards to Avoid

Tree trimming at the wrong time of the year can result in the spread of diseases particular to certain tree types. Some deciduous trees for example, need to be cut back before leaf regrowth. Successful trimming is based on knowledge. We know tree species like the back of our hand and will be able to properly maintain any type of tree on your Fort White property. Consult with our qualified arborist today for reliable quality services.

Over-pruning will not only stunt a trees growth but also negatively affect its natural cycle when it comes to food production and transfer. In addition, over trimming can expose any existing tree wounds to disease and sunscald. As a general rule of thumb only 15 – 20 % of a tree should be trimmed at a time.

Incorrect trimming in the wrong spots can make a tree more susceptible to disease and pest infestation. Since the collar of each branch is made up of cells that allow a tree to heal; it is central to understand the importance of knowing precise cutting points and the proper maintenance that goes into caring for your trees. Knowledge is the only way to avoid permanent tree damage. Creative Vision licensed landscapers provide reliable services and a knowledgeable team that will get the job done right.

Services in Fort White

Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services is your Fort White Company for tree trimming! We are honest, reliable and straight to the point in terms of rates and transactions. We offer free estimates and will let you know if your trees are in good shape or need some TLC.


Our landscaping experts are available for consultation for commercial or residential properties in the Fort White region and customize tree trimming services for any type of tree, shrub or hedge. Consult with a certified arborist to identify a tree problem and to keep the trees on your property safe and well maintained.

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Creative Vision Tree & Landscape Services is a landscaping company that provides Fort White with professional tree trimming services. Taking care of the trees on your property is a lot of work! You need to know the species of plant you’re working with, the time or season in which a tree can be pruned and a general knowledge and understanding of the soil/ environmental factors. Our team can do all of that for you and we also have the ability to detect disease or fungus before it can spread. For quality services, exceptional results, free consultation and competitive prices, give us a call. We look forward to working with you!